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Welcome to The Gourmet Whisk. I am Mazmin, a working mom, living in a beautiful tropical country where food is culturally diverse and traditions are kept alive. My life revolves around baking and cooking for more than three decades now. I guess I received a lot of kitchen inspirations at a very young age from my mom, who will always be the greatest cook in my life.

Back in the early 2000s, I had another blog that I ran while I was still working as a school teacher. I was a complete novice in the online thingy and it was such a mess as I was struggling with working, studying, being a mom, testing recipes and feeding my cats. The blog had no real purpose that I could connect too. I still cringe everytime I hear the name ‘Cook from the book’. Seriously?

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The kitchen I grew up learning cooking and baking when I was a child was always filled with joy and laughter, although pretty under-equipped. There were neither mixers nor electric ovens. But my mom (Mak Jelon) and grandma (Nenek Maryam) with their hand whisks, created magic in the kitchen, making a myriad of mouthwatering gourmet meals day in day out. Hence, the name ‘the Gourmet Whisk’.

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Over the years I have gathered thousands of recipes and had run thousands of baking and cooking tests in my kitchen. I  quit my school-teaching job years ago to seek professional training in pastry and cooking. Then came my career as a trainer in baking, cooking and running a home-based business. When career and passion collide, my work becomes a blessing.

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I have thousands of recipes and photographs that are scattered everywhere…in my journals, PC and my external hardisk. I also have amazing recipes from my book collection (1950s till present). This site is an outlet for me to put all those invaluable recipes, creating a virtual and visual world that I can share with others. Honestly, the very little time I have daily is now dedicated to this blog (apart from playing Command & Conquer) and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

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About Me

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Mazmin Shariff

A mom, baker and cook, living in Malaysia, sharing the best curated and tried tips and recipes she has in her collection.



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